Tuesday, October 23, 2007

random thoughts and happenings

I should be ordering a Macbook pretty soon, initially for the sole purpose of hooking my M-Audio Torq Xponent and FINALLY BEGINNING TO DJ. The hardware is compatible with just about everything BUT Windows XP Media Center Edition. Any guesses as to what OS my laptop came installed with? Because of that, it's just been sitting there in the original packaging sitting next to my bed (with exception to the times that I take it out and silently pretend like I'm DJing in front of a massive arena of fans).

I'm kinda scared that the Xponent will act kinda buggy... Lately, that's all I've been reading people post about over at the Torq DJ forums. But maybe that just means that the people who are all satisifed with the unit (hopefully the majority) are just not posting and complaining, but instead spinning in front of a massive arena of fans! Right? Right?

I just heard the track Goodnight Lover by Fluke on Pandora and assumed that it was a new track (it has a bit of that Hybrid/James Bond feel). It turns out that it was from their album, Risotto, which was released TEN YEARS AGO! What rock have I been living under?
It also turns out that The Designers' Republic designed the artwork for the album. I'm definitely ordering that one.

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