Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lunar Solstice @ Club Hide, SF - Dec. 22

Beat Entertainment (which is run by my buddy Josh) is throwing an event at Club Hide in San Francisco on the 22nd called Lunar Solstice. I'd never been to this club before, but I read that it's supposed to be pretty large and that the sound system there is pretty nice, so I'm pretty optimistic that it'll be pretty fun.

The lineup:

David Jeffreys

DJ Mick Khaos
Joey C
DJ Chris
Mr. Tyler Jackson

The rest of the information is on the flyer below!

Lunar Solstice - December 22, 2007

Lunar Solstice - December 22, 2007

(edit: ugh, I forgot that the width of this blog is pretty narrow and cuts off the sides of the images I post on here. You can click on the flyers to actually see their full size).

But yeah, it's pretty cool to see so many DJs from Monterey spinning up in the city!
Oh, and it's also gonna be Tyler's birthday, so wish him a happy one if you're there!
I'm trying to decide on whether or not I should rent a room at the Hotel Tomo in Japantown that night. I've been meaning to stay there since this past July, and seeing that it's kinda slow in the hospitality season, room rates are fairly decent, too. I just hope that my having a place to crash doesn't automatically equal EVERYBODY crashing at the place and getting me evicted.

Oh, and yep, I'm still working on the new mixset tonight. I spun the set earlier today, but I'm gonna spin the set again (i.e. tighten up some of the beatmatching, etc)...

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