Thursday, December 20, 2007

new mixset up: winter breaks! (updated)

I just finished my newest mixset (and the last one I think I'll do this year). So with out further ado:

minceyfresh - 2007 12/19 - winter breaks

(the mixset is downloadable in mp3 format here at MediaFire. Xanga is being a little brat and not letting me upload the mix to their streaming audio player, so you'll just have to take my word for it that you'll enjoy the set.)
  1. jmekka - bear in mind - [iBreaks]
  2. plump djs - system addict - [finger lickin' records]
  3. unity street - say ho! (jl aleph remix) - [aleph recordings]
  4. mr. no hands - hit n hope - [diverted music]
  5. scratch perverts - stand by (krafty kuts remix) - [super charged]
  6. hyper & jhz - computer says no! (hystero rebrand) - [kilowatt records]
  7. far too loud - play it loud - [funkatech records]
  8. hardy hard & lady waks feat mr. x - minimal (the rogue element remix) - [menu music]
  9. tha beatslappaz - rogan josh (grand def audio remix) - [iBreaks]
  10. backdraft - labrat - [passenger records]
  11. born tricky & mr. frisk - let me out (hyper remix) - [spin out records]
  12. minuit - fuji (timmy schumacher remix) - [doll house records]
  13. subsource - this town (andy page found on friday remix) - [spin out records]
  14. bitfriend feat. shaunell - boxing the stars (stefan anion's alien robot revenge mix) - [polytechnic]
  15. the autobots & screwface - final conflict - [broke recordings]

So it turns out that the weird glitch on the radio show the other day was specifically due to using the combination of the Torq DJ software and the MacBook's trackpad. I noticed that if I specifically use the x-y trackpad that's built into the Xponent itself, the mouse pointer doesn't suddenly drag the song back and forth the way it does on the laptop's trackpad (which I was complaining about in the other post, though I didn't really specify what happened).


Although I prefer to use the trackpad on the laptop itself (as I like to rest the palm of my hand when moving the pointer around), using the one on the Xponent isn't too bad. Anywho, enough of my rambling! Enjoy the mix and enjoy your winter break(s)!

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