Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my winter mix is up: "electronic for a cold day"

I finished my winter mix this morning and here it is!

minceyfresh - 2008 12.24 - electronic for a cold day

Download it here in higher quality mp3 format.

No matter the genre, there are always those tracks that make for good listening when bundled up with a hot cup of tea watching the rain (okay, well, not all genres, but I'm sure you get what I mean). I wanted to compile a mix that invokes that type of feeling; something that I could put on while taking a nap or driving around at night. It's quite different from what I normally spin, as it starts off a bit slower and subdued, and eventually picks up into music with a little more energy. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I did mixing it!

Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pics from electrofunk combustion 5

Oh man, that party was nuts! Everyone there had such good energy... We all appreciate everyone who came and rocked out!

2008 12

Click on any of the photos to see them a little larger.

20081212468 IMGP3220

IMGP3227 IMGP3234

IMGP3246 DSCF9583

DSCF9590 DSCF9594

DSCF9596 IMGP3258

IMGP3264 DSCF9603

DSCF9606 DSCF9663

DSCF9677 DSCF9680

IMGP3274 IMGP3279

DSCF9700 IMGP3287

DSCF9713 IMGP3288

IMGP3290 IMGP3294

IMGP3298 IMGP3304

DSCF9724 IMGP3313

DSCF9738 DSCF9743

DSCF9744 DSCF9745

DSCF9747 DSCF9748

DSCF9751 DSCF9767

DSCF9776 DSCF9789

DSCF9796 DSCF9792

DSCF9821 DSCF9837

IMGP3323 IMGP3325

IMGP3335 IMGP3339

IMGP3346 DSCF9848

IMGP3354 IMGP3359

IMGP3360 DSCF9851

IMGP3364 IMGP3367

DSCF9856 DSCF9859

DSCF9860 DSCF9869

DSCF9870 DSCF9872

DSCF9876 DSCF9878

The rest of the pics can be seen here at Flickr.

So yep... it was an rad night with rad people and rad music. It was definitely an honor to be a part of it! The next event is tentatively set to be on Friday, February the 13th. I hope you all can make it!