Sunday, June 22, 2008

new mix up: early '08 favorites

minceyfresh - 2008 06 - early '08 favorites

Download the set here in higher quality mp3 format:
  1. the rogue element :: dead drummers - [exceptional records]
  2. unbalanced jack :: kickin' rhyme steady (aut0b0ts remix) - [broke recordings]
  3. dj dan & donald glaude :: stick em - [instereo recordings]***
  4. ed209 vs. ken mac :: hell yeah! - [hardcore beats]
  5. mason :: when farmers attack (malente remix) - [unique records]
  6. deadmau5 vs. jelo :: the reward is cheese - [netswork records]***
  7. the young punx :: rockall (phonat mix) - [mofohifi]
  8. noisia :: brainstitch (aquasky remix) - [shogun audio]
  9. the crystal method :: badass (the rogue element remix) - [tiny e records]
  10. meat katie & d ramirez :: stop the revolution (30hz remix) - [lot49]
  11. moby :: alice (general midi remix) - [mute]
  12. ctrl-z :: chemistry - [hardcore beats]
  13. the magnet men :: you're the type - [hardcore beats]
  14. nick thayer :: mind control - [passenger]
  15. hybrid :: i choose noise (elite force remix) - [distinctive records]
If some of these tracks sound familiar to you, you're not trippin. I actually played some of them in a few of the live recordings I uploaded these past few months (i.e. Monterave, Electro Funk Combustion, etc), but I really wanted to have them in a proper 80 minute mixset (hence the name of the mixset, despite the fact that some of the tracks weren't necessarily released in 2008).

Now that I have this set out of the way, I can start working on a couple other mixes I've had planned for a while (one being a long overdue trance mix). Anywho, I hope you all enjoy it!

*** (Thanks Tyler & Brandon for making me fall in love with these two tracks even though you two are probably sick of them already. Haha.)

1 comment:

elgringo said...

The middle of "When Farmers Attack" is awesome. Once it gets going, it's fantastic.

And as far as electronica goes, "Chemistry" is one of my favorite new songs! This song is badass.

And "Brainsnitch" made me think of wrestling...maybe it was the constant repetition of "backbreaker, backbreaker." Someone needs to make a JR and Jerry Lawler remix. SLOBBERKNOCKER! What is it? SLOBBERKNOCKER!

Cool mix, James. I'm glad I downloaded it.