Friday, November 7, 2008

fall randomness (2 new mixes | efc | mixing on the radio show)

I finished recording two mixsets in October... I was supposed to post the first one (called Autumn Audio) as soon as I finished it, but I got pretty caught up working on designing the flyers/posters for The Return of Darkness (the Halloween event on campus that ended up getting cancelled) and this semester's first ElectroFunk Combustion (posted below the mixes in this post). Anywho, download away and enjoy!

2008 10/09 - autumn audio
Download in higher quality mp3 format here at Mediafire.
  1. specimen a :: algorithm [funkatech]
  2. deadmau5 feat. mc flipside :: hi friend [mau5trap recordings]
  3. sam hell :: grunge [mofo recordings]
  4. tba
  5. buy now :: body crash (streetlife djs remix) [la'mode]
  6. the rogue element :: panic attacks [exceptional]
  7. journeyman vs. barrcode :: no exception [ho-ju]
  8. stylus rex :: surge (ninelives the cat remix) [ground level breaks]
  9. beat assassins :: direct hit [mofo recordings]
  10. schmidt :: perfect [rocstar recordings]
  11. shut up and dance :: come to turn it out (ctrl-z remix) [shut up and dance]
  12. rennie pilgrem :: so real (andrea lai remix) [tcr]
  13. stanton warriors :: hope time (the rogue element remix) [punks]
  14. the crystal method :: now is the time (vote '08 remix) [promo]

This next mix is one I recorded during one of my guest mixes on Technopedia, the radio show that Tyler hosts on CSU Monterey Bay's radio station (the Kelpcast) on Tuesday nights.

2008 10/28 - guest mix on Technopedia
Download in higher quality mp3 format here at Mediafire.
  1. faithless :: mass destruction (paul jackson big weapon) [cheeky records]
  2. free*land :: we want your soul (club mix) [marine parade]
  3. sam hell :: gun club [sinister recordings]
  4. cash candy :: lee disco (just banks remix) [etage noir special]
  5. digital base :: don't get tired [ibreaks]
  6. 30hz :: innocent (far too loud dub remix) [lot49]
  7. lee coombs :: control (the rogue element remix) [lot49]
  8. mr. sam vs. human resource :: dominator (maverick bacon remix) [appia music]
  9. j2k :: millenium [kick it recordings]
  10. noisia :: seven stitches - [division recordings]
  11. vent :: gash (clean mix) [hardcore beats]
  12. hedflux :: non stop [breakin even records]
  13. plump djs :: rocket soul [finger lickin records]
  14. underthis :: revolution [distinctive records]
  15. wrexx :: timeline [en:vision recordings]

This is the flyer for this semester's first ElectroFunk Combustion (next Friday, November 14! Mark your calendars!). I had a lot more fun playing with this one than I did with the Darkness poster. I can't count how many times I reworked and fine-tuned the thing, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out (especially considering it's only my second time designing a party flyer).

2008 11/14 - ElectroFunk Combustion

Here's the lineup (yeah, it's already listed on the poster, but these are links to their MySpace pages):

Viticus (Digital D&A Music)
Toxic Rainbow (Just For ยต)
Omega (Monterave)
Jaxxin & Paolo present: The Techslingers (E=mc²)
Katie Blades
Raver Rob

Hope to see you guys there!

Here are some pics from the past couple weeks on Tyler & Joe's radio shows. Katie bought a pair of Pioneer CDJ-400 turntables and the Behringer DDM4000 mixer and she and Tyler have been bringing it into the "studio" for everyone to mix on their shows. Man those things are sick... Whenever I do invest in some CD decks (if I decide to indulge), I'll try to get the 400s. For now, the Xponent + Macbook is good for me, but I really do need to get used to mixing on CD decks.







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