Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LSS Sessions: new mixes from myself & giuseppe paolo!

Joe and I finally got our mixes done! Well, they've been finished, so I guess I should really just say that I finally got the album artwork finished and embedded into the mix!


LSS Sessions - 2009 04 - MinceyFresh & Giuseppe Paolo

Joe (Giuseppe Paolo) and I recorded our mixes at roughly 40 minutes each so they can both be fitted onto one 80 minute CD. My mix is first up and is filled with breaks and electro house.

GP's set follows up with some banging hardstyle.

Parts 1 and 2 are both zipped together and can be downloaded here at MediaFire:

I hope you guys enjoy our mixes! If you do, be sure to check us out in the main room at Honeycomb, a rave in Santa Cruz on the 25th this month!

2009 04

Tickets can be purchased at the NeStar MySpace page.