Monday, June 15, 2009

recording another mix (or two or three?)


So I'm in the process of compiling tracks for a new mixset (or two). Now I'm just trying to decide on the format of the mix(es). Should I record one typical 80 minute long breaks mix? Two 40 minute mini mixes (each one a different genre such as breaks, trance, or drum 'n' bass)? I've been tempted to try my hand at a 2009 version of the Two Sides to the Coin mix I recorded last year (which was comprised of two 80 minute mixes).

Looking back on it, recording that mix last year was a pretty frustrating and time consuming project since each part was a full-length mix in and of itself... Maybe I should go ahead and try "Two Sides '09," while keeping each "side" no longer than 40 minutes in order to a) fit both onto one CD, and b) avoid doing stupid things such as train wreck an hour into recording.

I don't work tomorrow or Wednesday, so I'm hoping to have the mix recorded and ready for download by the time Thursday rolls around... And for the sake of saving time, I don't think I'll get as intricate with designing the album cover this time around. Haha...

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