Thursday, January 7, 2010

new mix: hello, future! [] my first SF gig!

First off, happy new year! Happy new decade, as well!

For my first post of the decade, I decided to show off my first mix this decade! It's actually the first mix I've done in quite a while that's over 70 minutes! The track list is displayed in the Mixcloud player when the music begins. Bonus points to people who know the significance of the first track! It shouldn't be too hard for most people. Haha.

minceyfresh - 2010 01 - hello, future!

(to anyone reading this on Facebook, click over to the original Blogspot post to stream the mix on the Mixcloud player)

You can download the set (split into individual tracks) here at Mediafire:

Something else that I'm excited to talk about is my first San Francisco gig! My buddies Mari and Rey (a.k.a. DJs Apsara and Mecca at Asparagus Heaven) have organized the first RED event in San Francisco. This event has been running for quite some time down in LA (I even had the chance to go to one back in 2003 to see the breaks act Cirrus do a live PA set), so it's pretty cool to see it making its way up to the Bay Area.

2010 01.15 - Red front

2010 01.15 - Red back

Headlining will be Dutch trance DJ, Thomas Bronzwaer.
Alongside him upstairs in the trance/psy room will be:
John Beaver
Ryan Russell
Shawn Yapa
DJ Saphyre

Downstairs in the electro/hardstyle/breaks room will be:
Justin Illusion
Joshua G.
Jolan Ray
MinceyFresh (Woohoo!)
Darwin S.

You can buy presale tickets at Asparagus Heaven for $15, and admission at the door will be $25. I'm super nervous about my set, but I think I'll do okay. Well, I hope to see you guys there!!