Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new(ish) mix is up: window seat

So... I guess that plan about writing a single post a day each with pics from my Japan trip this past January didn't work out exactly as planned... I really should take a break from Facebook so I can concentrate on blogging and organizing the photos in my Flickr photostream. Anywho, below is a mix I recorded in March filled with the tracks I had on repeat while I was in Japan... This was posted ages ago on Facebook, but I just realized that I never officially posted it in any of my blogs (this was posted in my Blogspot, in case anyone reading this via Facebook is wondering what I'm talking about)! I made the mix mostly for nostalgic purposes, but I'm confident that it can be enjoyed on its own, without any particular memories attached. Perhaps you can create your own memories with my mix loaded into your mp3 player!

2010 03 - window seat

(to anyone reading this on Facebook, click over to the original Blogspot post to stream the mix on the Mixcloud player)

You can download the set (split into individual tracks) here at Mediafire:

Well, I hope that you guys enjoy the mix! I'll try to post more Japan pics either tomorrow or sometime next week!