Thursday, September 13, 2007

finally got some turntables (sort of)

Yesterday, when I got back from Fairfield, I saw that the package I had ordered from the Guitar Center in Gilroy on Monday had arrived!

Aaaaaaaw yeaaaaaah!
It's the M-Audio Torq Xponent that I wrote about about a month back!




I can't wait til I can finally get it all hooked up! It unfortunately doesn't support Windows XP Media Center Edition, so I'm gonna have to partition my laptop and install XP Pro on half of it temporarily. I'll probably just get a little 13.3 inch Macbook later to use for it. Now I'm just trying to think of where online I should host mixsets or podcasts once I get started. I really oughta learn how to make a podcast before I jump ahead of myself. And what would I call it? The Tokyo Overground (my old radio show at CSUMB)? I was thinking that The Fresh Sessions would be kinda cool, too. :-P