Monday, February 25, 2008

my latest DJ mixset: "Two Sides to the Coin" (parts 1 & 2)

Hey, everyone!
I FINALLY finished my latest mixset!

"Two Sides to the Coin"

Two Sides to the Coin

I was a little ambitious this time around and tried my hand at making it two parts:

If I'm at all successful,
Part 1 ("Heads"), which consists of trance and progressive breaks, will work your head, while
Part 2 ("Tails"), which is made up of electro house and breaks, will work your tail!
(get it? har har, I'm so clever )

You can download part 1 in higher quality mp3 format here:

You can download part 2 in higher quality mp3 format here:

Part 1 - Heads:
  1. toby shark - prolight (lighter remix) - [green martian]
  2. tranzident & peter dubs - drift (orange project vision) - [sonar eclipse recordings]
  3. delerium feat. isabel bayrakdarian - angelicus (andy moor full length mix) - [nettwerk]
  4. rank 1 vs. jochen miller - and then... - [high contrast recordings]
  5. marksun & brian - saturday (club mix) - [euphonic]
  6. lange vs. gareth emery - back on track (gareth emery back on breaks mix) - [lange recordings]
  7. pavliga - horizon (pavliga's summer breaks mix) - [deep blue records uk]
  8. opencloud feat. kirsty hawkshaw - time stand still (royal sapien event horizon remix) - [proton music]
  9. stoneface & terminal - st. francis foley - [euphonic]
  10. deepsky - let me live - [kinetic records]
  11. blank & jones - urban hymn - [gang go music]
  12. rob dougan - clubbed to death (hybrid remix) - [cheeky records]

Part 2 - Tails:

  1. sta - in living colour - [marine parade]
  2. chromeo - tenderoni (etienne de crecy remix) - [back yard]
  3. sander van doorn feat. mc pryme - by any demand - [ultra]
  4. the subs - kiss my trance - [lektroluv]
  5. tom real & the rogue element - machine - [passenger]
  6. pro 7 - dislexic disco (arrow!!!'s technically ill mix) - [future perfect]
  7. mighty dub katz - magic carpet ride 07 (shinichi osawa remix) - [southern fried records]
  8. brancaccio & aisher - freak around (koma & bones remix) - [burrito records]
  9. tonite only - danger [the bomb] (hook n sling & kid kenobi remix) - [hussle recordings]
  10. boogie army - das tier (malente remix) - [gene poole]
  11. yelle - a cause des garçons/acdg (tepr remix) - [kitsune]
  12. cirez d vs axwell - galactic tiger - [cdr]
  13. blatta & inesha - bass on her face - [mantra breaks]
  14. public domain - operation blade [bass in the place] (cut & run bootleg remix) - [cdr]
  15. überzone - 4 bit (überzone 2 bit downgrade mix) - [nitrus records]
  16. the ragga twins feat. aquasky - let me see your hands (the body snatchers crank dat mix) - [777]


Thursday, February 14, 2008

testing this youtube playlist of monterave videos...

let's see if this works!

Hm... It looks like it doesn't automatically jump to the next video... You have to scroll to the next one manually or press the < or > buttons... Anywho, enjoy these videos from MonteRave while I work on my latest mixset (I just finished them [it's in two parts], but now I gotta chop them up into individual tracks)!

And happy Valentine's Day to everyone, too!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

february update (new car, monterave)

cover art

Click here to download the mixset at Mediafire. The track list and details are below!

I haven't been really updating my blog lately (though I was supposed to a while back)... Well, first thing that's new is:


I got the Scion xA! I'd been checking just about every day since I talked about having to get rid of Mr. Neon, and as soon as a car I wanted would pop up, it would disappear just as quickly (apparently there are others in my area who have a similar specific taste in cars). One day towards the end of January, I decided to click around's preowned cars and saw a 2006 xA in Sunnyvale for $12,991.00. I called the dealership to make sure it was still there, and it was, although they realized that they posted the wrong price for it (it was supposed to be $14,991). Since I already saw it for 12 k on their website, they were able honor the price! Pretty awesome, huh?

I'll be paying for it for a while, but right now I don't even care. It feels great not to have to worry about whether or not my car will last another month, and it's especially nice just to have all the buttons and switches on the dashboard, steering wheel, and doors actually work.

The day after I got the car was MonteRave. I don't even know where to begin. The event was intense, and I can't wait for the next one. I spun the opening set of the night, and I was pretty nervous. I have no idea why, either. I didn't feel any anxiety at all going into it. Once I started the set, though, I kept freaking out (probably just in my head, as nobody seemed to notice it when I asked them about it later). One idiot mistake I made being so wound up, though, was that I forgot to start recording my set until about halfway into it. 

So yeah, the mix you just downloaded (YOU DOWNLOADED IT, RIGHT???) actually starts off in the middle of the sixth track of the 12 that I played that night. Here's what I actually recorded:
  1. far too loud - play it loud - [funkatech records]
  2. the rogue element - dead drummers - [exceptional records]
  3. 601 - hit that switch (anti-science mix) - [waveshape records]
  4. scratch perverts - stand by (krafty kuts remix) - [super charged]
  5. ctrl z vs. screwface - kung fu funk - [hardcore beats]
  6. stanton warriors - hope time (the rogue element remix) - [punks]
I think I got kinda carried away with the effects. Haha... You might notice what I'm talking about, but if not, then good.

I'll try to post a new, full mixset sometime this week (maybe even tomorrow).