Tuesday, November 6, 2007

macbook & xponent

My Macbook arrived!

I ordered the Macbook last Monday, and I found out that Leopard (the Mac OS update) would be shipping with all Macs that were ordered anytime after the OS hit stores (which was the previous Friday, I believe). Normally, I'd be pretty happy about that, but since I bought the computer for the sole purpose of digital DJing with the Xponent, I was pretty upset. Why? Well, this is what M-Audio said on their FAQs about their audio equipment in regards to Leopard:

Due to the nature of software and driver development, we are not able to provide exact dates for when specific drivers will become available—but please rest assured that supporting Leopard is a top priority for us. As soon as Leopard drivers or updates for any product become available, our Web site will be immediately updated to reflect this.

If you choose to install Leopard on your system before your M-Audio product has been qualified for use with the new OS, please be aware that your M-Audio device may not function properly. Please continue to check M-Audio.com for updates.

Aargh! Dammit! I decided on a Macbook so I could hurry up and get started with the thing! Well, anyway, things turned out to not suck when the package arrived at my doorstep yesterday afternoon. It turns out that Tiger (the version of OS X before Leopard) was actually preinstalled into the laptop, while there was a Leopard install CD in the packaging! So it looks like I'll be able to use the Xponent without waiting for a driver update after all!

Now I just gotta figure out how I should reorganize my room for there to be space to set up the Xponent and the Macbook...

M-Audio Torq Xponent

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