Sunday, November 18, 2007

waking up with ideas for a mix

Hi. I just woke up. I always sleep with my iPod playing at a low, ambient volume, and while I was in bed just now, Paul van Dyk's "In Between" album was playing. The track "Let Go" featuring Rea Garvey on vocals was on, and I woke up thinking "Whoa! This would sound perfect in a mix between Junkie XL's 'Mushroom' and Hybrid's 'Dogstar!'"

So here I am awake saving those tracks to a usb stick to throw onto my macbook so I can later on try mixing them and testing how well they flow. I'll make that my first mini-mix! If they flow well, I'll let you guys hear it whenever I get around to mixing them.


Alright, I'm going back to sleep for another hour or so...

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