Thursday, December 6, 2007

with all positives, a negative has to come along to balance things out...

So that little 40 minute guest mix on the campus radio station (that I had mentioned in the last post) ended up transforming into a 2 and a half hour disaster. I really hope that nobody was watching/listening to that... And if anyone did see it, I... well, I don't know.

I already knew that Tyler would be heading out early, so that's how I ended up agreeing to do the guest mix, but I found out this morning that Mike couldn't make it to his show either, so that ended up tacking about another 2 hours to the 40 minutes I had planned.

I was doing decent for about the first hour and a half...

...until my music just STOPPED.

It's hard to describe wtf happened (it probably wouldn't make any sense if I did), but I REALLY hope that it doesn't happen again... As much as I love computers and how convenient they can be for various tasks (such as DJing in this case), it can be such a pain in the ass when they decide to behave sporadically. I suppose that's just the nature of technology. Especially if they're calculating a zillion different things at the same time. A simple mouse click can end up stopping a DJ dead in his tracks.

By that point, I was confused and annoyed and just started playing another track (but like an idiot I had left the crossfader on the channel that wasn't playing anything). I played another hour's worth of music, but I just couldn't get into it... I faded in tracks way too early or too late... I just wanted to get out of there.

As awesome of a day it was that I had DJing on the beach this past Saturday, today was equally as horrid. Yin and yang. Well, disasters happen to everyone. Now that it's happened to me, all I can really do now is just brush myself off and keep trying my best (and hope the track pad on my Macbook doesn't spaz out again, haha).

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