Wednesday, May 28, 2008

new mix up! - late spring mini mixtape - breaks

Late Spring Mini Mixtape - Breaks

minceyfresh - 2008 05/27 - late spring mini mixtape - breaks

I finally finished the breaks minimix yesterday. I was originally thinking of calling my mini-mixes "Pocket Mints" (ya know, cos I DJ as MinceyFresh and all), but I decided to keep them straight to the point and call them Mini Mixtapes (too lazy to have to explain that they're mini-mixes, hence *pocket* mints, etc).

As I mentioned before, something I'm trying right now with the mini mixes is to keep them at under 40 minutes so I can squeeze two of them into one 80 minute CDR. I'd ideally like to put two mixes of completely different genres onto the CD to show what I'm capable of mixing. Anywho, this is my (surprise, surprise) breaks mix.

Download it here in higher quality mp3 format:

  1. general midi - milton (digital one mix) - [distinctive records]
  2. future funk squad - the mothership - [en:vision recordings]
  3. jmekka & jbass - freestyle (robosapiens remix) - [ibreaks]
  4. ferry corsten feat. guru - junk (body snatchers vocal mix) - [positiva]
  5. atomic hooligan - i don't care (ctrl-z vs. pyramid remix) - [bochit & scarper]
  6. jude sebastian - rubberman (miles dyson remix) - [erase records]
  7. the body snatchers - twist up - [passenger]
  8. drumattic twins - can't give you up - [finger lickin' records]

So yep. I should have a few more mixes (both mini mixes and a full 80 minute mix) coming up pretty soon. Enjoy this one in the meantime!