Sunday, June 22, 2008

new mix up: early '08 favorites

minceyfresh - 2008 06 - early '08 favorites

Download the set here in higher quality mp3 format:
  1. the rogue element :: dead drummers - [exceptional records]
  2. unbalanced jack :: kickin' rhyme steady (aut0b0ts remix) - [broke recordings]
  3. dj dan & donald glaude :: stick em - [instereo recordings]***
  4. ed209 vs. ken mac :: hell yeah! - [hardcore beats]
  5. mason :: when farmers attack (malente remix) - [unique records]
  6. deadmau5 vs. jelo :: the reward is cheese - [netswork records]***
  7. the young punx :: rockall (phonat mix) - [mofohifi]
  8. noisia :: brainstitch (aquasky remix) - [shogun audio]
  9. the crystal method :: badass (the rogue element remix) - [tiny e records]
  10. meat katie & d ramirez :: stop the revolution (30hz remix) - [lot49]
  11. moby :: alice (general midi remix) - [mute]
  12. ctrl-z :: chemistry - [hardcore beats]
  13. the magnet men :: you're the type - [hardcore beats]
  14. nick thayer :: mind control - [passenger]
  15. hybrid :: i choose noise (elite force remix) - [distinctive records]
If some of these tracks sound familiar to you, you're not trippin. I actually played some of them in a few of the live recordings I uploaded these past few months (i.e. Monterave, Electro Funk Combustion, etc), but I really wanted to have them in a proper 80 minute mixset (hence the name of the mixset, despite the fact that some of the tracks weren't necessarily released in 2008).

Now that I have this set out of the way, I can start working on a couple other mixes I've had planned for a while (one being a long overdue trance mix). Anywho, I hope you all enjoy it!

*** (Thanks Tyler & Brandon for making me fall in love with these two tracks even though you two are probably sick of them already. Haha.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

a couple of (FREE) electronic music events in Monterey! =]

Hey, everyone! Here are a couple electronic music events coming up here in Monterey:

Today! 12pm - 11pm
@ Del Monte Beach
All ages

with DJs:
- Maitre V
- s0ulFree
- Mr. Tyler Jackson
- Joey C (831)
- Matt D
- DJ War
- John Havok


2) Maitre V & Aquarius Productions presents the return of... RUSH!
Saturday, 7/12
@ The Lounge Underground (underneath Jose's Bar & Grill next door to the IMAX Theater)
638 Wave St, 93940

- Progressive, Trance, Electro