Sunday, September 21, 2008

my pix and my mix from Night Sweats

I don't have time to type very much at the moment, but here is a photo slideshow from Night Sweats, the horror-themed rave I spun (and danced my head off) at this past Friday.

And if you either missed my set (or would like to relive it), here it is in mp3 format!

minceyfresh - 2008 09_19 - live @ night sweats, santa cruz, ca
  1. the aut0b0ts & screwface :: apocalypse
  2. plump djs :: snake eyes
  3. journeyman vs. barrcode :: no exception
  4. future funk squad :: the mothership
  5. ninelives the cat :: the invisible
  6. far too loud :: play it loud (broken robot remix)
  7. ferry corsten feat. guru :: junk (body snatcher vocal mix)
  8. aquasky vs. masterblaster :: boom! (breakfastaz remix)
  9. the crystal method :: high roller (myagi remix)
  10. hybrid :: sleepwalking
  11. vent :: encoded
  12. the aut0b0ts & screwface :: final conflict
I'll update this post soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dj gig @ giza hookah lounge, santa cruz 9/17

Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I was invited to spin at Giza Hookah Lounge in Santa Cruz tomorrow night for Electronic Wednesdays! I'll be on from 11pm - midnight... Wow, two non-Monterey gigs in one week!

electronic wednesdays

Come rock out!

edit: I guess having directions to the venue would help, wouldn't it? :-P
Click the address below to see it on Google Maps.

1515 Mission St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sunday, September 7, 2008

i don't browse Threadless very often, but...

... I just came across this tshirt while clicking around teh Internets and was devastated to find out that it was sold out! I'm not quite sure how Threadless works, but I believe users have to vote for it to be reprinted or something... Is that how it works?

this was supposed to be the future

The tshirt reads:

they lied to us

this was supposed to be the future

where is my jetpack,
where is my robotic companion,
where is my dinner in pill form,
where is my hydrogen fueled automobile,
where is my nuclear-powered levitating house,

where is my cure for this disease

Although the text is pretty effing awesome (are these lyrics or something?), it was the grid-like, techy layout of the text and lines that really caught my attention. It sort of reminds me of a tshirt I'd come across in Japan... Come to think of it, the last time I had tshirts with this much text (albeit Engrish filled) was when I actually lived in Japan.

Remix SCRATCH introlude front


Getting back to the Threadless tshirt (which was designed by a freelance graphic designer named John Slabyk), it looks like there is at least an 18'' x 24'' art print still available... I suppose I could hang it up on my wall or something.

If Threadless always has tshirt/hoodie designs this awesome, I'm really going to have to make it a point to browse them more often!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my next dj gig: Night Sweats - sep. 19 - santa cruz

My next gig (if you didn't see in the post's title) will be at Night Sweats, a horror-themed rave at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall on September the 19th, presented by Just for µ.

night sweats 1

night sweats 2

night sweats 3

night sweats 4

It'll be two rooms:

The Pet Cemetery, featuring:
  • Dub Pirates
  • Chlorophil (Cosmic Leaf Records/Ajana Records)
  • MinceyFresh (831/E=mc2) (that's me! Haha...)
  • Dane O (StumbleJuice)
  • Ouija (Meta Music Records)
The Crypt, featuring:
There will also be an official afterparty (presented by Sugar) (location announced during the event) featuring:
  • DJ Seek (SUGAR)
  • Rastatronics (SUGAR/Subwize)
  • Rendr801 (DubScouts/Mechanized Records)
  • Steve Eatough (SUGAR)
  • 187 Soundsystem (Subwize)
  • Dave J (Subwize)
Presale tickets are only $7.00, but will be going up to $10.00 as the event gets closer. They can be purchased via PayPal at the Just for µ website and at their MySpace page. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15.00.
Tickets at the door will be $15.00.

Okay, my laptop's starting to act up, so I'd better hurry up and save this blog entry before everything I just typed disappears.