Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my next dj gig: Night Sweats - sep. 19 - santa cruz

My next gig (if you didn't see in the post's title) will be at Night Sweats, a horror-themed rave at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall on September the 19th, presented by Just for µ.

night sweats 1

night sweats 2

night sweats 3

night sweats 4

It'll be two rooms:

The Pet Cemetery, featuring:
  • Dub Pirates
  • Chlorophil (Cosmic Leaf Records/Ajana Records)
  • MinceyFresh (831/E=mc2) (that's me! Haha...)
  • Dane O (StumbleJuice)
  • Ouija (Meta Music Records)
The Crypt, featuring:
There will also be an official afterparty (presented by Sugar) (location announced during the event) featuring:
  • DJ Seek (SUGAR)
  • Rastatronics (SUGAR/Subwize)
  • Rendr801 (DubScouts/Mechanized Records)
  • Steve Eatough (SUGAR)
  • 187 Soundsystem (Subwize)
  • Dave J (Subwize)
Presale tickets are only $7.00, but will be going up to $10.00 as the event gets closer. They can be purchased via PayPal at the Just for µ website and at their MySpace page. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15.00.
Tickets at the door will be $15.00.

Okay, my laptop's starting to act up, so I'd better hurry up and save this blog entry before everything I just typed disappears.

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