Sunday, September 21, 2008

my pix and my mix from Night Sweats

I don't have time to type very much at the moment, but here is a photo slideshow from Night Sweats, the horror-themed rave I spun (and danced my head off) at this past Friday.

And if you either missed my set (or would like to relive it), here it is in mp3 format!

minceyfresh - 2008 09_19 - live @ night sweats, santa cruz, ca
  1. the aut0b0ts & screwface :: apocalypse
  2. plump djs :: snake eyes
  3. journeyman vs. barrcode :: no exception
  4. future funk squad :: the mothership
  5. ninelives the cat :: the invisible
  6. far too loud :: play it loud (broken robot remix)
  7. ferry corsten feat. guru :: junk (body snatcher vocal mix)
  8. aquasky vs. masterblaster :: boom! (breakfastaz remix)
  9. the crystal method :: high roller (myagi remix)
  10. hybrid :: sleepwalking
  11. vent :: encoded
  12. the aut0b0ts & screwface :: final conflict
I'll update this post soon!

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