Monday, October 20, 2008

not much to say, but so much to say at the same time

I've just been so caught up doing a bajillion other things that I have been too lazy/busy to really post about any of it.

Well, the LoveFest was fun, as always. I kept planning to post an entry with a bunch of photos from the event, but just never got around to it (usually because blog entries that have tons of photos take forever to put together). You can check out all of the photos I took that weekend here, otherwise, here are a few of the favorites that I snapped.






I'll try to eventually get the videos I took that weekend up onto Youtube and post them here, too.

E=mc2 (I'm too lazy to figure out how to put the 'squared' in its proper format, lol) will be throwing a party at the Black Box Cabaret for Halloween called The Return of Darkness. The lineup will be:

Viticus (Digital D&A Music)
Jaxxin & Paolo present: The Techslingers (E=mc2)
Matt D.
Katie Blades
Meadux (formerly known as DJ S0ulFree)

Oh, and I designed the poster & flyer for the event!
(my first party flyer/poster! woot!)

This is the 11 x 17 inch poster:


And this is the front & back to the 5 x 7 inch flyer (which, unfortunately, was finished too late to print).



It's been forever since I've done anything design-related, so it took me forever to get this done. Hopefully everything will fall together a little more effortlessly the next time I work on designing a flyer (or anything else for that matter).

Alright, time to get ready for work! I can't wait for the day when "work" will consist of DJing and graphic design, rather than verifying receipts at a hotel all night...

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