Thursday, October 2, 2008

san francisco lovefest 2008: are YOU going???

Man, I really need to update this more often (or at least write something a little more prolific whenever I do update). Anyway, although I should be blogging about something important such as the Vice Presidential Debate, I just wanted to mention how excited I am to go to the San Francisco LoveFest again this year. For those who don't know, it's one of (if not THE) largest electronic dance music events in California (well, I guess Burning Man would probably be THE largest, now that I think about it). I've been going every year since it began in 2004 (when it came to the US as the Love Parade San Francisco), and I have left one of these events disappointed... Well, maybe disappointed at myself for not wearing more comfortable footwear, but definitely not disappointed with the music and energy the event delivers.


Who am I excited to see spin this year? Let's see...

(in no particular order)
Elite Force
Rennie Pilgrem
Armin van Buuren
Above & Beyond
DJ Mehdi
Kyau & Albert

My must-see list isn't as big as previous years, but if I think about it, for a majority of the time that I was rocking out in front of the various floats, I had no idea who the DJ was that was spinning (many of whom were local San Francisco DJs).

Well, here are some videos I took at previous Lovefests/LoveParades.

Carl Cox @ LPSF 2005

Ferry Corsten @ LPSF 2005

A random float @ SFLF 2006

Hybrid spinning at the SupperClub float @ SFLF 2006

Paavo & Tony of Above & Beyond @ the SFLF Afterparty 2006

See you all there!

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elgringo said...

Sadly, for me, going to Lovefest would involve either a twelve hour drive or a two hundred dollar plane ticket. Have fun without me!