Friday, November 28, 2008

my mix and pics from Stellar Landing

Hey, everyone! I hope you all got nice and stuffed yesterday! I'll save my "thankful" list for the end of the year when I'll compile my "ups and downs of 2008" list.

stellar landing

Last Saturday (the 22nd), I had the chance to spin at a renegade called Stellar Landing. It was a good ol' fashioned rave, too. The only way to get there was to receive a text message from the promoters with directions to the place!

Download the set I recorded that night/morning here at Mediafire!

I forgot my camera in my car (I rode up with Giuseppe Paolo), so I had to take all of my photos with the camera on my phone! (>_<) The phone usually takes decent photos in the daytime (I suppose the same could be said about most phone cameras, now that I think about it), but it sucks oh so bad when trying to take pics in the dark (which is what my FinePix F10 is VERY good at doing). So yeah... sorry for the crap photos!

Hope to see you all at the next one!

20081123390 20081122389

20081123391 20081123393

20081123394 20081123395

20081123396 20081123398

20081123399 20081123400

20081123401 20081123403

20081123404 20081123405

20081123406 20081123407

20081123410 20081123417

btw, I wonder if iTunes' mp3 encoder has changed... I used to encode my sets at 160kbps (VBR) mp3, and they'd never go over 100 MB for an 80 minute set... I just upgraded iTunes to 8.02.20, and the above set (which was just about 66 minutes) ended up hitting 105 MB! This normally wouldn't be a big deal, but Mediafire (understandably) limits users' uploaded files to 100 MB... Hm.

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