Friday, December 5, 2008

coming soon: two trance mini mixes (one from me, one from katie blades)

Katie Blades and I will be spinning a trance set together at the next Electro Funk Combustion event (Friday, December the 12th). To promote our upcoming set, we'll both be recording a 40 minute mini mixset each and putting them both onto 80 minute CDRs to hand out to people (and we'll of course be posting them online).

Although the sets I usually spin are comprised of breaks and electro house, I've put together a couple trance mixsets as well. It will, however, be my first time spinning trance live. This mixset I did back in July is a good example of the type of trance I like to spin.

It'll also be my first time spinning on CDJs live. Up to this point, I've been spinning on my Macbook running the Torq DJ software [which is not unlike Traktor and Serato] using the M-Audio Xponent controller. Controlling the CDJs and controlling the, uh, controller are fairly similar, but I really need to get accustomed to not staring at the waveforms of the tracks while I spin (which is what I've been used to doing when mixing on a laptop. I'm hoping that doesn't throw the timing off during my transitions too drastically, but I guess that's what practicing is for, right? Wish me luck!

2008 12

On another note, man, it was hard finding decent photos of all of the night's DJs when designing the above poster. I need to be sure to get good action shots of them while they're spinning this time around so they'll have decent portraits that they can actually give to promoters if they want their pics on more flyers in the future...

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