Saturday, December 13, 2008

a train ride through tokyo

I saw this video on Kato630's blog this morning:

I believe I rode this monorail when I went to hang out in Odaiba with some friends in the spring a few years back. I remember being taken aback at the beautiful view that passengers have while riding, as looking in one direction gives them a huge view of the bay, while looking the opposite gives an enormous view of the city skyline...

The future-funky music only enhances the video, and I think that the second track that starts in the middle of the video [First Class '77 (Fantastic Plastic Machine remix)] is audible bliss.
Turns out that the music's by a fellow named Yoshinori Sunahara, and it looks like quite a bit of his music is available in the US on Emusic, Amazon MP3, and iTunes, so I'm sure I'll have no trouble loading up on his discography.

Seeing the video and getting all nostalgic is making me want to post a few photos from that day in Odaiba.





Oh, and I'll have try to have the photos from last night's ElectroFunk Combustion on my next post!

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