Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i thought that it was supposed to start warming up...

... but it ended up raining the other day!


The weather in Monterey was actually starting to warm up before that, but now it's back to the hella cold December-like weather again, even when the sun's out.

I'll try to have some photos from Pulp, Electro Funk Combustion 6, and the Boys Noize show in my next post, whenever that'll be (hopefully sooner than later). Oh, and I'll be on the radio tonight doing a versus set with Joe (aka Giuseppe Paolo). I've never tried mixing with him before, and the stuff he spins is A LOT faster than what I usually play, so it'll make for an interesting set.

The show runs from 8pm - midnight, and Joe and I will be on sometime within that timeframe.

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