Friday, October 23, 2009

october mini mix [] hundred push-ups

2009 10.07 - october mini mix

2009 10 07 - october mini mix by minceyfresh

I recorded a new mini mix earlier this month... These are a few bangers I've been dying to put in a mix. They don't seem to fit in with my upcoming "Autumn Audio 2009," so I gave them their own little mini mix! You can download the mix as one long 37 minute mp3 from that little download button on the above Soundcloud player, or download it split into individual tracks here from Mediafire:

edit: Actually, I had to take the mix down, as I was informed that a particular track in the mix was still an unfinished, in progress track that wasn't supposed to be distributed. I'll try to re-record the mix, with the final version of said track, one of these days. Either that, or I'll try to make a full 80 minute mix and include all of the tracks that were in this mix. I'll try to figure something out. Haha.

01) product.01 - ready 2 rage (eshericks remix) - [dead famous records]
02) quadrat beat - spike - [illeven eleven]
03) neurodriver - sidewinder - [broken robot recordings]
04) far too loud vs. code zero - blackout - [exogenic breaks]
05) firefarm - volatile (pyramid remix) - [broken robot recordings]
06) beatman & ludmilla - ayra - [ayra]
07) vent - whiteout - [hardcore beats]

(lol, I just noticed that I have a "Blackout" and a "White Out" in my mix...)


Since the middle of last month, I've been constantly visiting One Hundred Pushups. When I was in high school (which was AGES ago), I used to be able to do fifty in under a minute, but since then, I haven't been able to do more than 30 without wanting to kill myself... A friend of mine posted a link to this site on Facebook a little while back. It trains the viewer to eventually be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups after 6 weeks of their program. I decided to try my hand at it (especially since I haven't been going to the gym anywhere near as much as I expected to)... I just finished week 4 the other day, and I made it up to 160 push-ups! Not 160 consecutive push-ups, but 160 total. I haven't tested how many I can consecutively do now, but I know for sure that it's over 30! Can't wait to see where I'll be by week 6!

I was planning to finally post some pics from the San Francisco LovEvolution, but I think that'll have to wait til next post!