Friday, November 13, 2009

LSS Sessions - Volume 2 is up! [] 32 Degrees tonight!

Giuseppe Paolo and I finished compiling the second volume to LSS Sessions. Like the first volume, my set is filled with breaks & electro, while GP's set is hardstyle. They can both be download here at MediaFire:
(to anyone reading this on Facebook, click over to the original Blogspot post to preview the mixes on the Mixcloud players)

Apparently, Soundcloud started increasing the limitations to their free accounts... I'm not quite ready to invest in a paid account yet, so I decided to post our sets to Mixcloud rather than Soundcloud this time around.

Come to think of it, I might start reposting all of my previous sets into a Mixcloud account, too... Xanga Audio is fine for individual songs, but definitely not the ideal choice for 40-80 minute DJ mixes.

Aaaaand... Catch us spinning tonight in Santa Cruz at Nestar Entertainment's 32 Degrees!

2009 11-13 - 32 degrees

2009 11.13 - 32 Degrees back

The lineup is as follows:

Room 1:
12am-1am: Carlos Alfonzo vs Aleks
11pm-12am: Nes
10pm-11pm: Infusion vs Toxic Rainbow
9pm-10pm: Dane O. vs MinceyFresh
8pm-9pm: Giuseppe Paolo
7pm-8pm: DJP

Room 2:
12am-1am: Timonkey
11pm-12am: Rastatronics
10pm-11pm: Fire Lieber
9pm-10pm: Dub Pirates
8pm-9pm: Twitchdubz
7pm-8pm: Smasheltooth

Afterparty: (location to be announced @ the main event)
4:30am-6am++ : Leafy Green
3am-4:30am : Dj Seek
2am-3am : CM
1am-2am : Rob Monroy

Hope to see you guys there!

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