Sunday, July 25, 2010

new mix up: Early 2010 Favorites

Between working full-time and spending most of my time awake watching the World Cup this summer, I never really had time to do much besides sleep and maybe do a lil Facebooking and play some Split/Second for the 360 every now and then (man, that game is insane, but I digress). Now that the World Cup has been over for a few weeks, I've had one less excuse to sit down and finally compile this mixset that I'd been meaning to record for months. This particular set is filled with tracks I've loved from the first few months of 2010, so frequent club goers and music blog searcher types may already be familiar with some of the ingredients of this mix.

minceyfresh - 2010 07 - early 2010 favorites

You can download the set (split into individual tracks) here at Mediafire:

I hope you guys enjoy the mix, and any feedback (whether positive or negative) is greatly appreciated!