Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year's resolutions


It's been a few years since I've seriously made a New Year's Resolution. This time around (especially with tomorrow being the start of a new decade), I decided that I should make a few. The following is not listed in any particular order:

Curb the laziness.

There is so much more I could've done this year if I didn't procrastinate so much. My excuse to put something off was always because I was too busy. Busy doing what? It's the end of the year, and I don't know if I ever finished doing whatever the hell it was I was busy with. Pulp flyers? I obviously can't use that excuse anymore. No more excuses! If I have something to do, I need to DO IT! I'm sure that the following resolutions will then fall into place naturally.

Reduce the clutter.
Clutter in my bedroom. Clutter in my mind. Clutter in my email inboxes. Clutter on my social network profiles. Clutter in my hard drive. Clutter in my iPod. Clutter everywhere! If you were to browse my flickr photos, you'll be hard pressed to find a recent photo taken of my bedroom. Why? The place is an embarassing mess! People get really surprised to hear how disorganized I am at home considering how I carry myself in public, but there's a reason that even some of my best friends have never seen what my room looks like. Just now, I bent down to pick up a receipt from the Ecko Unltd shop for a track jacket I bought in July. Yep. No idea why it was never thrown away. Twenty-Ten will be the year that I make my room, life, and mind resemble a Swiss graphic designer's dream come true.

Invest in a scanner/printer.
It's been something I've needed for ages, and I think that I'll finally be getting one. I've seen a few that have the option to print directly onto CDRs, and that's definitely something I need when it comes to making demo mix CDs to hand out to folks. I'll also be able to get rid of a bunch of the clutter in my room once I get around to scanning it all (interesting magazine articles, club/rave flyers, CD liner notes, etc).

Improve my Japanese.
I spent a year (and thousands of dollars) abroad to improve my Japanese, and where'd it all go? My Japanese (both speaking and reading/writing) has gotten so bad these past couple years, and I really need to get it back up to the level it was when I was living there and communicating daily. This will be the year to do it, whether it means dusting off all my old text books, blogging in Japanese again, investing in Rosetta Stone, or just trying harder to make Japanese friends either locally or online who wouldn't mind being language/conversation buddies.

Create a track.
2007 was the year that I finally started DJing after years of saying I would. 2010 will be the year that I finally produce a track. Whether the end result is a crazy, ravey banger or horrid excuse of a song, it will be nothing if I never start. I have the means of doing it, so it's time to get to it!

Continue school.
2007 was also the year I stopped going to school. I had my reasons, but the reasons are now completely irrelevant. My current plans are to start again in the fall of this year. I need to learn more about design!

Work out regularly.
I started using One Hundred Push Ups fairly regularly in September and October, but just kinda stopped in November. January 1, 2010 will be the day that the working out continues! I'm 31 now. I can't just sit around and expect to stay in decent shape without trying!

Manage money/finances better.
Does that really need an explanation?

I would normally say that *I wonder whether* I can accomplish all of my resolutions this year, but screw that. I WILL accomplish them all! Happy New Year, everyone! What resolutions do you guys have???

Sunday, December 20, 2009

happy holidays! long time, no post!


It's been way too long since I've posted! I'm debathing whether I should just post one HUGE update like I did for October, or if I should just machine gun a bunch of little posts talking about various little/big things I've been up to in November and the first half of this month.

Either way, this is just a "Happy Holidays" post in case I don't end up posting again before the holidays are over. I'm hoping to post another "Cold Day" mix like I did last winter... We'll see if I can get around to that!